Lawn Aeration

What is Lawn Aeration?

  • Lawn aeration consists of using a piece of equipment with hollow spokes to create perforations in the lawn. The spokes will dig in about ¼ to ½ inches into the ground and remove a plug of soil. This is done to alleviate compaction in the soil. Compaction is caused by pressure occurring on the surface of the grass, this could range from animals and people walking on it to heavy rainfall and watering. Inserting the hollow spokes leaves a small hole in which nutrients, water, and air are able to filtrate more efficiently and enhance the overall health of the lawn itself. 
Before: compaction prohibits the growth of long roots
After: the roots have more access to nutrients, air, and water for an overall healthier lawn

Why Now?

  • Over the summer there are a lot of factors that have the likelihood of causing this compaction of the soil. Some popular ones include family cookouts, pool parties, and the brutal summer sun causing lawns to be toasted and even over watered. Therefore the best time to implement lawn aeration is during the fall. During this transition in seasons the grass tends to naturally expand its roots in preparation for the colder weather of winter. Pulling cores and alleviating the compaction in the soil gives the grass room to expand and develop even more root growth. This results in a healthy looking greener lawn in the spring.